Monday, February 7, 2011

Boise State Broncos Lose a Budding Football Star

Today Boise State announced the forced retirement of a future running back sensation, Matt Kaiserman. Matt first came to the attention of Boise State fans during the 2009 season in a game against Hawaii. It is the game I will most remember him for and his performance that sticks out over all others in that game.

Kaiserman got in to replace an injured Bronco. He was a red shirt freshman if my memory is correct. He looked pretty good, he was gaining some yards up the middle, making some guys miss and other guys pay for tackling him. He was playing hard nosed in your face football.

There was one drive that stole the show. The Broncos started around their 20 yard line and gave the ball to Kiaserman, he plowed ahead for some good yardage. They just kept giving him the ball and he kept getting first downs. Finally it became apparent, every snap was going to Kiaserman, this was his drive. All the fans knew it Hawaii knew it and the challenge was clear, Kaiserman is coming through the center of the line until you can stop him. The drive ran 10 or 11 plays ending with the K Man getting his first touchdown as a Bronco. It was apparent, this kid has a great future at Boise State.

Later in the season he was injured so we did not get to see him as much as we had hoped. Last season he was sustaining more injuries and saw little action. Today he paid the price, forced retirement. Kaiserman was such a head down go through you type of guy he suffered head concussions. The most recent ended his career, he still suffering from lingering side effects from this concussion.

I hate to lose this kid, he was a special type of running back, yet better the team lose him or he lose his life. How far we have come in the world of football. Ten years ago maybe even less, he would have been expected to report to spring ball. Today teams players and team doctors are more aware of the risks and taking better care of the players, as it should be.

Concussions are no joke and should not be treated that way. Athletes love to compete and are driven to play with injury but not with concussions. Helmet makers are getting into the action. Schutte and other football helmet manufacturers are working hard to develop better and safer helmets. Rules are being made to make the game safer and coaches and doctors are more educated. I hate to see a kid like Kaiserman end his career do to concussions but better his career than his life. Good luck to you Matt in what ever you do. I am one fan that will always remember your special drive against Hawaii and for your sake that has to be enough.

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